Miniature Fainting Goats

You may ask, what are "Fainting Goats"?  Fainting goats are slightly smaller than a standard goat. They have a genetic condition called myotonia congenita, which makes them seem to faint when they are startled. Because of their condition, the fainting goats were kept by shepherds in their flocks to protect the sheep. If a wolf came after the flock they would startle the fainting goats and while the wolves were focusing on the stunned goats the sheep got away. Great for the sheep but not for the poor goats. The history of the breed dates back to the 1880's when a migrant worker named John Tinsley brought 4 of them to Tennessee. The fainting goats have several names some of which are Myotonic, Tennessee Fainting, Nervous and Scare goats.
Hi, I'm Cash!
Some babies from 2012

Some of the girls.

Herd Tested 10/16/1012
Clear of Johne's, CL and CAE. Current  
on vaccinations and deworming