Reg. Arabians
We started with our first half-Arabian back in 1981. Our first half-Arabian horse was "Princess". She was a palomino mare who we enjoyed until she was 34 years old. This began my interest in Arabian horses. Today we keep about 7 Arabians on our farm "Loco Meadows". Through the years I have never lost my love for Arabians. We have retired from producing foals, but still have several horses for sale. We produced Arabs the way old Arab horses used to be - level headed and quiet - not hyper or highstrung. Even though hot-headed halter horses are gorgeous to watch, we market our arabs to mostly amateur riders and family horse owners. We consider the animal's attitude its most important feature. But that is not to say that they are not still terrific horses for showing. We have offspring from our stallion Holiday Kahiil who are quite successfullycompeting at regional level in hunter, western, driving, competitive trail and endurance and many who are taking their owners over the hills and through the woods
Holiday Kahiil
CH Badaah Bahim BWT