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For more pictures of past litters and their proud parents, please go to our Golden Retriever and Standard Poodles pages.  Towards the bottom of each are LOTS of pics of puppies and puppy parents.

Applications and Adoption Policies

Please Note: we do not breed Golden Doodles

All adoptions will require a spay/neuter contract. Please note that spaying/neutering your dog does NOT disqualify it from competing in AKC competitions such as Obedience, Agility, Rally, Barn Hunt, etc. The only competition that requires intact dogs is Conformation.

If you’re interested in being considered to adopt one of our puppies, please fill out our Pet Adoption Application below. If you have questions you can use our Contact Page to send a message or get our phone number. We do not accept deposits before puppies are born.

Each litter is first evaluated to determine which puppy would best be suited to work as a companion animal in the family of a child with Angelmann’s Syndrome. We donate one puppy per litter to the Foundation For Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics and this commitment takes precedence over pet adoptions.

Pet Adoption Application

If not, you may wish to research its characteristics. Here's a place to start: https://www.hillspet.com/dog-care/breeds
In our area, first year healthy puppy costs of vet and preventative care runs about $800-$1,000. Accident or Illness can increase this figure to $5,000 and sometimes much more. Poodle grooming costs and/or grooming equipment costs can be sigificant.

What activity opportunities will you provide to your puppy? Please enter a number of days per month for each of the following. If it does not apply, just enter a zero.

If you'd like to describe other opportunities you may do so here.

Note: If you do not own a single- or multi-family home, you will have to provide proof of permission to have the dog in your home (letter from landlord and/or board, condo rules/bylaws, etc.). A tax bill will do for owners of single-or multi-family homes.