Other Animals

Loco Meadows is more than just a producer of quality Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles.  It’s a rich, complex, and diverse community of birds, beasts, and humans.  Skillfully bred Arabian and gypsy-cross horses, miniature horses, and fainting miniature goats live alongside a donkey, a few cows, a rescued Sitka deer, ducks, chickens, rescued cats, and whatever else the local vet or vo-ag students talked us into this week. We have our old, retired animals we care for alongside our babies and parents of various species.

An important part of our Goldens’ and Poodles’ life is rolling in horse poop and learning to respect the barn cats and billy goat. When he’s not being shown our most recent champion, Raggs, can be found helping Connie with the barn work, his beautiful long show coat mixed with hay and dirt and bound up in hair ties. Everyone here at Loco Meadows gets to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

The bulk of the money brought in by adoptions goes to various local business and professionals to keep this community diverse, healthy, and happy and to subsidize the expenses of the dogs we donate to the F.A.S.T program from each of our litters of puppies.  It sure isn’t making us rich!



Friesian x Gypsy Filly

Black and white Filly for sale. Born July 5, 2017. Also sired by the beautiful Rosewater Cassidy, Reg. Gypsy #GV03743. Pictured below.

Arabian x Gypsy Filly 

This beautiful black filly, born July 6, 2017, is available for purchase. Dam is HU-Vivianna, Reg # AHRA 0574190. The Sire is the beautiful Reg Gypsy stallion Rosewater Cassidy Gypsy Reg # GV03743. Pictured below.

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